Who are you and what is your role in the Coventry University Group?

I started working for Coventry University back in 2007 in the School of Lifelong Learning before moving to the Centre for the Study of Higher Education and then on to the Academic Development Team.  Currently, I am enjoying working with all our brilliant staff as well as the students engaged in the CQEM process.  I oversee the Academic Professional Development Programme of Events which provides a wide range of  sessions to support our academic staff and course teams.  I really enjoy working in the Academic Development team and in the field of Academic/Educational Development.  Being an educator makes a huge difference to the lives of others and this driver is why I have remained, and love, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.  It is a great community to be part of.  As for research, my interest lies in transition and particularly the transition of early-career academics and human/career life-cycles.

Something else about yourself?

I enjoy learning, walking , renovation and unexpectedly took up bellringing as a muscial hobby a few years back!  I never thought I would enjoy it but do – good fun, great people and mental exercise!

Something you learnt during the pandemic or something you started (or stopped) doing that you would like to keep doing (or not doing)

Something New: I learned to take one day at a time and to see the world and workplaces in new ways again.  The online world has opened up so many opportunities for so many people and we have only really scratched the surface of what is possible. 

Something Reinforced:  When people work and pull together fantastic things can really be achieved by humanity and nearly every challenge overcome.  Life is for living and Higher Education makes this possible in many different ways for many different people. On a personal note, I do not miss the A46 traffic jams and am loving seeing nature (and fresh air) return to our towns and cities! 


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