Who are you and what is your role in the Coventry University Group?

My name is Kevin Brace & I am a
Technology Enhanced Learning Specialist for the CU Group based at Coventry Mile Lance campus.

Something else about yourself?

I love to make stuff with Raspberry Pi’s, I’m a member of my local MakerSpace, & have just finished planting out my veggie plot. And I love cats, peanut butter & cheese.  Music makes me happy.

Something you learnt during the pandemic or something you started (or stopped) doing that you would like to keep doing (or not doing)

Something I learned: that Microsoft Teams and Office 365 is a complete game changer for HE.  And Hybrid learning (blended) is a re-hash of existing practice  (see Prof’ Gilly Salmon & Prof’ Diana Laurillard, etc.)

Started: using Teams all day / every day to work efficiently as a support team.

Stopped: F2F training 🙁

Keep doing:  Working remotely is a nice way of work/life (balance), but I miss people.

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