We are a small team with a wide variety of skills and experience used to support academic staff and to enhance the student experience across four geographically diverse campuses.
Team members include the following:
Lee Ward – Team Lead, CU Coventry
Anas Ali – CU London
Ann Jeffrey – CU London
Julie Stewart – CU Scarborough
Kevin Brace – CU Coventry
Paul Zisu – CU Coventry
Xavier Khan – CU Coventry
The team’s main aim is to support teaching staff and students to make sure that the best possible learning experience from a teaching and learning and technology perspective is delivered.
The four primary campuses consist of Coventry (CU Coventry), Scarborough (CU Scarborough), Dagenham and Greenwich (CU London)
TELS team proactively changed their campus-based support to a campus wide online support package. Bringing all queries into one centralised system meant support queries could be answered from any campus, training and support was maximised. Students or staff member were supported by anyone in a single team rather than individuals at each campus and a relatively small team had a much bigger impact for its size.
For more information about us and what we did, please read our introduction here – https://spark.adobe.com/page/8WfnbtRZL7KuT/

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