Who are you and what is your role in the Coventry University Group?

I work in the Curriculum 2025 team as the Faculty Curriculum Lead for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. I’m interested in flexible and personalised learning, micro-credentialing and authentic assessment practices as well as all things equity of attainment related. I’ll be running the session on Authentic Assessment at the conference, as well as contributing to some of the other sessions, which I’m looking forward to. Prior to joining Coventry as a member of staff, I studied my undergraduate in Photography here in the School of Media and Performing Arts. 

Something else about yourself?

Outside of work I’m a keen cook, so if you have a challenging (and tasty) recipe to try out then I’m all ears!

Something you learnt during the pandemic or something you started (or stopped) doing that you would like to keep doing (or not doing)

During the pandemic I learned to take some time out and enjoy nature more than previously. Being able to get away for half an hour and soak up the countryside is something I plan on continuing post-pandemic – it helps me think clearly and relax after a challenging day.

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